A “Tiny Desk Concert” with David Garza

And now, a Tiny Desk Concert with David Garza . . .

Felix Contreras notes that  “[b]eing a fan of [Davíd] Garza means accepting the world on his terms — and his world is filled with infinite musical possibilities. He’s got a tremendous collection of musical friends who call on him for his work as a backup musician in studio sessions and on stage. For example, he and vocalist Gaby Moreno (already a Tiny Desk veteran) have been touring together lately, and you get a taste of her powerful voice as she joins Garza here.”

The set list includes  the songs Texas Is My Hometown, Discoball World, and  Malagueña Salerosa.

And did we mention that Garza was a contributor to HUIZACHE’s debut issue?

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