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Remembering Michele Serros

Writer, spoken word artist, social commentator, and “Chicana role model” Michele Serros passed away at her home in Berkeley on January 4, 2015.

Serros reads.
Michele Serros reads at Pegasus Books, January 2012. Credit: Artnoose/Flickr

Serros’ first book Chicana Falsa and Other Stories of Death, Identity and Oxnard, a collection of stories and poetry, was published in 1994, while she was still a student at Santa Monica College. The book was later reissued by Riverhead Books. Her second book, the story collection How to be a Chicana Role Model, was published in 2000 and went on to become a Los Angeles Times best seller. More recently, she wrote two young adult novels (Honey Blonde Chica and Scandalosa!) about Mexican-American surfer girl Evie Gomez.

A multitalented writer and performer, Serros toured with Lollapalooza, produced a spoken word album (an audio version of Chicana Falsa), worked as a writer for the George Lopez Show, and provided commentaries for NPR.  She also contributed regularly to the Huffington Post, writing about the First Annual Latina Short Film Festival, Jonathan Winters, Chipotle’s “Cultivating Thought” series, and, in her final essay, her battle with cancer.

“It was always about barrios, borders and bodegas, and I wanted to present a different type of life, a life that truly goes on that we don’t always see in the mainstream media.” – Michele Serros

A roundup of reflections on Michele Serros’ life, work, and influence:

On his Facebook page, Huizache’s founding editor Dagoberto Gilb remarked, “Michele Serros was my friend. Heartbreaking to hear of her premature passing. So many stories to tell… May she ride a skateboard to peace.”

We are honored to have published Michele Serros’ “A Bedtime Story”  in our second issue; we’re sharing it with you now.