Submission Guidelines

Huizache’s focus is Latino, but we publish all kinds of writing by all kinds of writers. We especially like works that challenge ethnic, gender, or social stereotypes. If that sounds like you, then we’ve got good news: we are currently accepting prose and poetry submissions for Huizache #8, which will appear in the fall of 2018. Click on over to our Submittable page and send us your writing!

There’s no better way to figure out what we like than reading the magazine. So, while you’re putting the finishing touches on your submissions, order yourself the latest issue of Huizache right here. Get some of the old ones while you’re at it! And while you’re waiting for them to get to your mailbox, check out some of our online selections here. Huizache is proud to showcase your work, but we simply can’t do it unless you help support us by buying magazines. After all, if you don’t support our community of writers and artists, who will?

If you have a question about submissions, email us at or

Thanks, and happy reading and writing!